Pfalz D.XII

Contemporary to, and in some ways superior to, the Fokker D.VII, the Pfalz D.XII was nonetheless considered the less attractive option by those tasked to fly it. Its main fame for most stems from its usage in many WW1 aviation movies - notably 'Wings'.

Country: Germany
Manufacturer: Pfalz Flugzeug-Werke GmbH
Type: Fighter
Entered Service: July 1918
Number Built: 750-800
Engine(s): Mercedes D.IIIa, 6 cylinder, liquid cooled inline, 180 hp
Wing Span: 29 ft 6 in [9 m]
Length: 20 ft 10 in [6.35 m]
Height: 8 ft 10 in [2.7 m]
Empty Weight:
Gross Weight: 1,989 lb [902 kg]
Max Speed: 106 mph [170 km/h]
Ceiling: 18,537 ft [5,650 m]
Endurance: 2 hours
Crew: 1