American West Airlines

America West Airlines was claimed to be one of the greatest Airlines in the United States.  It was formed in 1981, and started flying from Phoenix on August 1, 1983.  Their fleet grew to over 90 aircraft after starting with just 3, six years earlier.   The Airline originally flew in the western United States, as their name suggests, but later on extended their routes to all the states (including Canada and Hawaii in 1989 with Boeing 747s.)  Within June 27th, 1991 and August 1994 American West flew under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  They were forced to reduce their fleets and give up their unprofitable routes.  This plan of cost reduction succeeded in producing funds, and they finally rose from Chapter 11 protection.  The Airline launched America West Express Commuter in October of 1992, with a code sharing agreement with Mesa Airlines and others.  Continental Airlines and Mesa Airlines are both shareholders in America West.