Ruffo di Calabria

Fulco Ruffo di Calabria

Name: Fulco Ruffo di Calabria
Country: Italy
Rank: Tenente
Units: 1a, 4a, 42a, 44a, 70a, 91a
Victories: 20
Date Of Birth: August 12, 1884
Place of Birth: Napoli
Date Of Death: August 23, 1946
Place of Death: Ronchi de Apuania

On November 22, 1904, Ruffo di Calibria joined the 11th Foggia Light Cavalry Regiment. After serving in Africa, he returned to Italy in 1914 and transferred to aviation. Flying the Nieuport 11, Nieuport 17 and SPAD S.VII, he engaged in 53 aerial combats and was credited with 20 victories. Upon the death of Francesco Baracca, Ruffo di Calibria assumed command of 91a Squadriglia but was later relieved by Ferruccio Ranza when he suffered a nervous breakdown. Returning to duty, he assumed command of 10th Gruppo on October 23, 1918 but less than a week later, he was shot down by artillery fire near Marano. By virtue of her marriage to Prince Albert in 1959, Ruffo di Calibria's daughter Paola became Queen of Belgium 1993.