Gianni Caproni

Name: Gianni Caproni
Nationality: Italian
Date of Birth: July 3 1886
Place of Birth: Massone D'Arco, Italy
Date of Death: October 1957

Gianni Caproni graduated in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Munich. He also earned degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Montefiore Institute of Leige, and in Aeronautical Engineering in Paris.

Returning to Italy in 1910, he designed and built his first airplane. The CA-1 was a single-engine, twin propeller biplane. In 1911 he established the Caproni Company and Flight School.

During World War I, Caproni designed a number of heavy bombers which played a major role in the allied strategic bombing campaign. The highly successful CA-33 bomber design was mass produced in England, France, the United States and Italy.

During the postwar years, Caproni turned to civil aviation, converting his bombers to passenger and cargo aircraft. During World War II he was in charge of all aircraft production in Italy. He remained active in the Caproni Company until his death.