Maurice Boyau

Maurice Jean Paul Boyau

Name: Maurice Jean Paul Boyau
Country: France
Rank: Lieutenant
Service: French Air Service
Units: N77; Spa77
Victories: 35
Date Of Birth: 8 May 1888
Place of Birth: Mustapha, Algeria
Date Of Death: 16 September 1918

Well know for his skill at rugby, Boyau served in the infantry before the war. In 1915, while serving as a driver in the Army Service Corps, he requested a transfer to the French Air Service. Obtaining a Pilot's Brevet on 28 November 1915, he served as an instructor at Buc before being assigned to N77 in September 1916. Before he was killed in action, Boyau shot down 21 balloons and 14 enemy aircraft.

Médaille Militaire
"Pursuit pilot of audacious bravery. Three times cited in orders, and has to his credit an aircraft and a balloon. On 5 June 1917 he destroyed another balloon. Forced to land in enemy territory, he repaired his plane and flew back over the lines at 200 meters altitude, under fire of enemy machine guns." Médaille Militaire citation

Légion d'Honneur (Officier)
"Pilot of remarkable bravery whose marvelous physical qualities are put to use by his most arduous spirit and fights at great heights. Magnificent officer with an admirable spirit of self-sacrifice, facing each day with the same smiling desire for new exploits, surpassing then succeeding. He excels in all branches of aviation; reconnaissance, photography in single-seaters, bombardments at low altitudes, attacks on ground troops, and is classed among the best pursuit pilots. He has reported twenty-seven victories, the last twelve in less than one month. Has shot down sixteen balloons and eleven planes. Has the Médaille Militaire and Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur for feats of war. Eleven citations." Légion d'Honneur citation