Henri Hay de Slade

Name: Henri Joseph Marie Hay de Slade
Country: France
Rank: Capitaine
Service: French Air Service
Units: N80, N86, Spa159
Victories: 19
Date Of Birth: May 29, 1893
Place of Birth: Brest
Date Of Death: November 2, 1979

A cadet at Saint Cyr in 1913, Hay de Slade transferred to aviation on May 11, 1916, earning a Pilot's Brevet in August of that year. After receiving advanced training, he was assigned to N80 on December 13, 1916. Reassigned to N86 on April 16, 1917, he scored 5 victories by the end of the year with 6 more victories in the spring and summer of 1918. On July 28, 1918, Hay de Slade assumed command of Spa159, scoring 8 more victories by the war's end.