World War One timeline 1919


 5. Sparticist (Communist) revolt begins in Berlin
18. Peace negotiations start at Paris
25. Peace conference accepts principle of League of Nations


 6. Germany National Assembly meets at Weimar
14. Draft Covenant of League of Nations completed
28. Lodge starts campaign against League of Nations


 4. Founding of Comintern (Third International) at Moscow
13. Admiral Kolchak begins his offensive against Bolsheviks in Russian Civil War
14. Wilson returns to Paris after a month's absence


 7. Allies evacuate Odessa
 23. Wilson appeals directly to Italians in an effort to gain their support for his views on peace settlement
24. Italian Premier Orlando walks out of peace conference over Fiume issue


 6. Peace conference disposes of Germany's colonies
 7. Treaty of Versailles submitted to German delegation


21. German High Seas Fleet scuttled at Scapa Flow
28. Treaty of Versailles signed in Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.
Signing of Treaty of Versailles disarmed Germany of a military air force but did not include rockets as potential weapons, thus leaving Germany free under international law to develop them.