World War One timeline 1914

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28.  Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to throne of Austria-Hungary, and his wife at Sarajevo, Bosnia.


28. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
29. Russian mobilisation ordered.


 1. Germany declares war on Russia. France orders mobilisation.
 2. Germany demands free passage through Belgium.
 3. Germany declares war on France.
 3. Belgium rejects Germany's demand.
 4. Germany at war with Belgium. Troops under Gen. Von Kluck cross border. Halted at Liege. Great Britain at war with Germany. Kitchener becomes Secretary of War. Wilson proclaims US neutrality
 5. President Wilson tenders good offices of United States in interests of peace.
 6. Austria Hungary at war with Russia.
 7. French forces invade Alsace. Gen. Joffre in supreme command of French army. Montenegro at war with Austria. Great Britain's Expeditionary Force lands at Ostend, Calais and Dunkirk.
 8. Serbia at war with Germany.
12. Great Britain at war with Austria-Hungary. Montenegro at war with Germany.
14. Battle of the Frontiers begins
17. Belgian capital removed from Brussels to Antwerp.
19. Canadian Parliament authorises raising expeditionary force.
20. Germans occupy Brussels.
23. Japan at war with Germany. Begins attack on Tsingtau.
24. Germans enter France near Lille.
25. Austria at war with Japan.
26. Viviani becomes premier of France. Opening of the Battle of Tannenberg
28. Austria declares war on Belgium.
30. Amiens occupied by Germans.
31. Russian army of invasion in East Prussia defeated at Tannenberg by Germans under Von Hindenburg.


 3. Paris placed in state of siege: Government transferred to Bordeaux.
5-10.  Opening of the First Battle of the Marne. Von Kluck is beaten by Gen. Joffre, and the German army retreats from Paris to the Soissons-Rheims line.
14. French reoccupy Amiens and Rheims.Opening of the First Battle of the Aisne; start of trench warfare.
29. Antwerp bombardment begins.


 2. British Admiralty announces intention to mine North Sea areas.
 9. Antwerp surrenders to Germans. Government removed to Ostend.
13. British occupy Ypres.
14. Canadian Expeditionary Force of 32,000 men lands at Plymouth.
15. Germans occupy Ostend. Belgian government removed to Havre, France.


 5. Great Britain and France declare war on Turkey. 5. Cyprus annexed by Great Britain.


 8. Off the Falkland Isles, British squadron under command of Rear-Admiral Sturdee, sinks three of the German cruisers which had destroyed the Good Hope and Monmouth on Nov. 1. The Dresden escapes.
16. German squadron bombards Hartlepool, Scarborough and Whitby on east coast of England.