1923 to 1926
Supermarine Sea Eagle

1923  The British 6-seats amphibian. Flew across English channel in 1920s
Alexandrov - Kalinin AK-1

1924 The first Soviet airliner. It worked on the Moscow - Nizny, Novgorod - Kazan routes during the summer of 1924.
Fokker F.VII (1m)

1924 Popular airliner by Fokker company during the 1920s - 1930s
Handley Page W.8e/f Hamilton

1924 The British airliner of European routes during the 1920s. It also  opened the first airline route in the Belgian Congo.
Junkers G-23/G-24

1924 The first all-metal trimotor airliner in the World.
Savoia-Marchetti S.55Ñ/P

1925 The popular Italian passenger flying boat of the 1920s.
Polikarpov PM-1 (P-1)

1925 The first Soviet international airliner.
Boeing Model 40

1925 The first airliner of Boeing Company.
Kalinin K-1

1925 The first airliner of K.A. Kalinin.
Fokker F.VII/3m

1925 Most popular pre-war (WW2) airliner by Fokker. It remained in service up to the end of 1940s
Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland

1926 One of most successful German all-metal trimotor airliners of the 1920s.
Armstrong Whitworth AW 154 Argosy

1926 The main airliner of Imperial Airways on European routes in second half of 1920s.
Ford 4-AT Trimotor

1926 The first American all-metal multi-engine airliner. In service up to 1973.
Lioré et Olivier LeO-21

1926 One of most comfortable airliners of the 1920s. Was used on the Paris - London route.
Junkers G31

1926 The German all-metal trimotor of second half of the 1920s.
De Havilland D.H.66 Hercules

1926 The main Imperial Airways airliner used in  Eastern long-haul routes during the second half of the 1920s.
Benoist XIV
1913 December 31
The first airliner in the World. Flew in Florida for only months.
Farman F-60 Goliath

1919 The first French airliner. Flew with European airlines in the 1920s.
De Havilland DH-16

1919 The first British airliner. Flew in briefly Europe and South America.
Vickers 66 Vimi Commercial

1919 The first twin-engined British airliner. Flew in Europe, USSR and China.
Junkers F-13

1919 The most popular airliner of 1920s. The first passenger plane which flew worldwide.
Fokker F.II

1919 The first airliner of Fokker. Flew in Western Europe in 1920s - 1930s.
Handley Page W.8 (H.P.18)

1919 The popular British airliner of 1920s. Few in Europe.
Fokker F.III

1920 The popular Dutch airliner of 1920s. Flew in Europe, USSR and USA.
Blériot-Spad 33

1920 The popular French airliner of 1920s. Flew in Europe.
De Havilland D.H.34

1922 The British airliner of 1920s. Flew in Europe.